Jacksonville Workshop Announcement 08/13/2022

Wing Chun is known for its effectiveness in self defense.

Master Anthony Arnett made Wing Chun known for competitive fighting.

In this workshop two of Master Anthony Arnett’s students, Sifu Jesse Jones and Sifu Arsen
Zhukov, both tournament competitors, will be teaching you how to utilize your Wing Chun in SanDa full contact style fighting that encompasses striking, throwing, clinching and sweeps.
  • Da – Upper-Body Striking – using fists, open hands, fingers, elbows, shoulders, forearm and the head
  • Ti – Lower-Body Striking – including kicks, knees and stomping
  • Shuai – Throws – using wrestling and Judo-like takedowns and sweeps
These are three of the basics that every complete martial art contains, and Wing Chun is no exception.

The advantages that the well trained Wing Chun practitioner has over others is the fact that we
are extremely comfortable in close quarters and most importantly that we have honed our contact
reflexes through Chi Sao training.

In this workshop we will be covering
  • Break falls
  • Single leg takedowns
  • Double leg takedowns
  • Kick catching
  • Various sweeps and throws
  • Countering takedowns
  • How the default hand positions in Chi Sao relate to the clinch
  • How to integrate your Chi Sao in the clinch
  • How Chi Sao can help you detect a level change
  • Utilization of Wing Chun footwork to maximize effectiveness.
This will be a 4 hour workshop, all are welcome.

Sparring gear will be needed- mouthpiece, head gear, gloves, shin and instep guards. Chest
protectors are recommended.

Contact me for more information.