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Sport Kung Fu Academy of Jacksonville and Wing Chun Gainesville Present:

Applying Chi Sau (Contact Reflexes) Within the 5 Stages of Combat

Touch is one of our most developed senses. Wing Chun Kung Fu teaches how to harness this natural attribute and how to further develop it through Chi Sau (Contact Reflexes) training so that it can be a beneficial part of your fighting arsenal.

In this workshop we will teach you how to begin to utilize your sense of touch and your contact reflexes for combat whether or not you have done any Chi Sau training.

Regardless of the martial art you practice or your current skill level learn to apply your natural attributes and become a better fighter!

When: April 18, 2:00 p.m. – 5:00p.m.

Where: Sport Kung Fu Academy of Jacksonville
8769 Old Kings Rd. Jacksonville FL, 32217

Registration: $30.00

For registration or more info contact:
Sifu Anthony Arnett @ arnettsportkungfu@gmail.com
Sifu Jesse S. Jones @ sifu@wingchungainesville.com