New Year, more training

After a very hectic end of 2013 we begin 2014 with a renewed vigor and focus. Many good things are in store for 2014 and we look forward to putting in the hard work to reach our goals.

January 26, Master Anthony Arnett held the first of a series of Chi Sao workshops at Arnett Sport Kung Fu Academy Jacksonville. It was a grueling three hours of Dan Chi Sao, Cross Arm Chi Sao, Lop Sao and Double Arm Chi Sao. Such a fun way to spend those three hours and always a great time to train with my Sifu.

Mater Arnett's ability to translate these important training drills into fighting application are one of the reason's that I have been devoted to Wing Chun for nearly 21 years.
Master Arnett plans to hold the next Chi Sao workshop February 16, for more information please contact him through his website.

February 22, we plan on traveling to Ft. Lauderdale to compete at the ICMAC tournament.
March 8, we will be competing at our home tournament the 25th Annual Gainesville Challenge hosted by Hanshi Keith Teller.

Train hard!