Ignore the politics and TRAIN!

In countless web forums discussing martial arts people endlessly debate the movements, techniques and philosophies behind each style. Amongst the myriad of debates out there the internal debate in Wing Chun is among one of the longest running and most contentious. I avoid the politics of this seemingly never-ending debate and I suggest that all of my other Wing Chun family members do the same. Even with our slight differences we are one family and should concentrate on moving our art forward and also focus on what is important for each of us. Everyone comes to train for different reasons do not lose sight of why you train and remain focused on reaching your goals. Whether your goal is to experience a beautiful aspect of Chinese culture thorough Wing Chun, improve your physical and mental health or to fight, Wing Chun Kung Fu- any and every variation of it – can help you reach those goals.

Moral of this- set aside the petty politics, keyboard warrior-ing and get training!

Along those lines congratulations to our Gainesville students who competed in Tallahassee May 25, Julie who took home a medal in empty hand forms and sparring and Brice who brought home medals in empty hand forms, sparring and weapons forms. Additionally congratulations go out to our Kung Fu brothers and sisters from Jacksonville who, led by Master Arnett, dominated the adult competitions. All in all a great representation by our Wing Chun family and I am looking forward to the next tournament.

All the hard work that has been put in shows, I also want to give a special thanks to my Sifu, Master Arnett, for continuing to be an inspiration to me and in turn to my students. Thanks Sifu!