Hard work.

Kung Fu loosely translated means skill acquired through hard work. During the course of training, a martial artist will repeat a technique thousands of times. With each effort you should remain focused on the technique and continually work to refine your movements, regardless of how well you think you know the technique.

This is the “hard work” aspect of training; both physically and mentally. Physically demanding because as you refine your technique you can begin to exert more with the movements that require it and mentally demanding because you must remain engaged and focused on the movements that you may think you already know.

Be patient with your training and work hard to reap the benefits.

These images are from a recent Sunday training class. During the class we worked on a couple of defenses against a rear hand punch, grab or push. First we used Lap Sau to Fut Sau then Pak Sau to Lap Sau. Along with specific drill set scenarios we got in some rudiments- front kicks, knees, elbows and some punching. 

Photos courtesy of Leah MacWilliam.